Salt & Pepper

We love simplicity and love being unobtrusive. We’ve learnt to be a part of everything at a wedding, without changing the flavour of anything.

I like wearing old HMT watches as you see here, and that kinda symbolises our values too. Simple, unassuming, reasonable, efficient and yet with a keen sense of aesthetic. This coupled with hard work and a responsible attitude is what I expect from all my team members as well. This is a part of their training. This is a part of our being 🙂

Our Photographers and filmers go to any length to document the wedding festivities in as much detail as possible and in the most creative way we can imagine while being respectful of the sanctity of the occasion and our ambience.

I personally have been shooting weddings for a decade now. With over 300 weddings in India and overseas I have learnt a lot about people, the rituals, the little jokes and the moments of silence from all parts of India. I learnt lighting techniques from the best at ICP New York and try to use that to create interesting portraits in every new environment. My parents taught me to be simple, truthful, courteous and hardworking, and that’s what you can expect from my entire team as well. All the reviews on WMG will suggest the same to you.

Best Wedding Photographers India Bangalore Ankit Singh

Our Team

Best Wedding Photographer Studio Ank Bangalore

Aanal Prajapati


Aanal specialises in candid photography. She’s shot close to a 100 weddings and always has an eye out for the unique and unseen. From each wedding you can expect the most unique pictures from Aanal.

Creative Cinematographer Wedding films

Pratyush Singh Thakur


From IBM to wedding films, Pratyush has had a lot of Biriyanis. Aside from being a self confessed foodie, Pratyush is a people’s person. He makes friends faster than the rich changed their demonetised Rs 1000 notes. He leads a team of cinematographers and editors from front. And loves doing his own interesting edits from time to time.

Sonu contemporary wedding photographer Salt and Pepper

Sonu Nitnaware


The most hardworking member of our team who specialises in directing people how to kiss. She does vendor management and has been with us for almost 5 very valuable years.

Young candid Photographer Salt and Pepper

Abhishek Dhupar


Abhishek is the youngest member of our squad. He’s still 19 when I wrote this down and yet he’s been a part of a dozen weddings already with us in the last 6 months or so. He’s a fast learner and does not travel anywhere without his hair gel.

Candid Photographer Editor Bangalore Salt and Pepper

Vishnu Vijayakumar


Vishnu learnt his photography and filming basics at Gurukool in kerala and did a speciality one year residential course. He’s now working as an in house editor and a cinematographer. He likes to keep to himself speaks 5 words per week.

Candid Wedding Filmer Bangalore

Venkatesh S


Venkatesh has such rock steady hands that we don’t rely on tripods anymore. He’s always smiling and always before time for all assignments. A quality we seek in all team members for occasions as important as weddings. He freelances with us and must have shot over a 100 wedding films so far.

Tito Candid Wedding Photographer Filmer

Shyamanta Phukan


Shyamanta aka Tito has been shooting with me for almost 8 years. He is a self confessed geek and a fitness freak and when he can spare time from all that and coding, we like to steal him for wedding films.

Wedding filmer

Nithin Surendran


Nithin once rode from Kerala to Bangalore all night on a scooter to come and shoot with us in the morning. He shot all morning and then slept like a log. That in a nutshell tells you who he is. A free spirited nomad. It’s difficult to trace him once the assignment is over, so best not to lend him your shirt he would want to borrow.