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Wedding Registry

A trend in Indian Weddings I am really looking forward to.
It’s the same routine every time at a wedding or a reception after the wedding, Guests and well wishers meet the couple and hand them a gift along with their blessings. Well its India 🙂 and giving / gifting is a big part of our culture. There are boxes, envelopes and bouquets changing hands. Hundreds of them.


Bouquets are usually a waste of your money.
Bouquets usually end up being thrown away or the cleaning staff taking them home. The couple usually get dozens of bouquets every time. At one wedding we counted over 150. Now there is no way the family can take everything back home with them. At best 1 or 2. So in all likelihood if you are spending Rs. 500-1000 on a bouquet, its likely to end up being a total waste for the couple.

Now imagine this, if all the 150 guests had given the couple money in envelopes instead, they could have easily sponsored the cost of Make-up, DJ, Dhol wala and the dessert counter. I really think that more couples should share their wedding registry with their guest list. People will not stop gifting, at least this way their contribution can be really worthwhile.

How does Wedding Registry work?
Well it starts with the couple making a wish list of the things they’d love to start their new lives together. This could be material objects like electronics from a store or experiences like travel or spa vacations. One the list is made, it can be shared online and guests can contribute to the find or buy an item off the list and the retailer sends it to the couple on your behalf.

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As witnesses to so many weddings, we’d love to see your contribution being actually valuable to the couple. We look forward to more couple and guests embracing this practice in the near future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]