Covid Wedding Bangalore

Our Covid response

We don’t know everything. We all know some things. But we all know that we are all in this together. Businesses will change how they function. People will change their plans for the weddings. Govt. will ask for new rules to be abided by for public gatherings.

Meanwhile what can we do as we plan ahead for our clients. Here are a few things which are going on with our business.

1. All clients who have requested change of dates, have been offered the same without any change in pricing.
2. All clients who have asked for a refund for plan cancellation have been offered a 100% refund of their booking amount.
3. In case a client asks us to re-book their dates at a later date in the year, then priority would go to the client who has spoken for that wedding date earlier.
4. What cannot be certain today, is the team size and definitiveness. We cannot ensure who will shoot for you from our team as of today. But whoever represents will be top quality talent for sure 🙂
5. When we do step out again to shoot weddings sometime in the near future we will think of the safest methods to employ in our way of working so we minimise contact and abide by all existing state norms viz. masks and sanitisers.
6. We plan to carry our own water to the weddings and our small lunch boxes in case the ceremonies are longer than a few hours.
7. For out-station weddings we still have to device a safe strategy, so our team can stay safely in secure accommodations or hotels, where we do not risk our health or that of your family or guests.