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Why does it take 3-6 months to edit a wedding film.

It does seem odd at the face of it. How is it that the photos from the same wedding take just 4-5 weeks to be delivered, and films take 3 times or more the time. Many a times when we submit the photographs the clients are surprised to realise that the films will take a couple of more months.

Usually when we shoot a wedding film these days, there are 3 or more filmers who are capturing the festivities from various angles. And there may be more than 4-5 cameras in use as we record with Drones, and action cameras and gimbals. The first part of the process is for the editors to go through the footage, which runs in many many hours based on how many days the wedding was for. A 3 day busy wedding schedule could result in 15-20 hours of video grabbed. Sometimes even more. To watch the footage once takes weeks, as you try to make sense and take notes.

And then there is music selection which the editor must confirm once the footage has been seen. Sometimes brides and grooms share their favourite track for the wedding film, but when we are on the editing table sometimes the mood of the selected track does not match the footage we have. The chosen music should relay the essence of the wedding and the mood. This could take very long. And till the editor is convinced on the choice there is no moving forward.

And then once the edit is seemingly in place, we do internal reviews. A few rounds sometimes and many rounds sometimes. We’ve sometimes changed the editor mid project and re-done the entire edit, since we were not getting the essence of the wedding out from the edit.

Once we are convinced that we lovely film we’d love to share with you and your family, we share the first cut. And once the couple share their comments with us, we quickly get back with the final edit. This last bit does not take very long, because we’ve spent days and weeks on every track and every shot in the film and only when we were convinced is when we bring it to you.

Can your participation make the process shorter? Yes a little may be. If we are very certain about your preferences in music, and have a good understanding of your personality types and preferences, its easier for us to prepare the first cut fine-tuned for you.