Tip #1: White Ceiling

Have the Mandap ceiling planned as a white sheer cloth. There is nothing better to yield soft, beautiful, natural lit photos as a white mandap top. Its lovely for day time weddings, and its very useful for evening wedding as well when photographers and filmers want to bounce light from the ceiling and soften it. Show below is an example of defused day light, with a white cloth/scrim above.

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Tip #2: Cordon Area for bags.

So if you’re considering wedding photography and filming for your wedding, Then please bear in mind that the crew of 5-8 shooters might bring twice as many bags with them. And unless you / wedding planner plan for these, they will stick out like sore thumbs. Please plan for this necessary evil, so that they do not come in the way or become an eye sore in your beautifully planned decro set-up. A C shaped cordon or some dedicated and covered long tables could do the trick.

Wedding gear at Reception Bangalore

Tip #3: Ample time for Portraits.

Contemporary wedding photography includes everything from  candid photography to wedding details and portraits. If you are keen on getting some portraits done for yourself which are not run-of-the-mill then you have to allow ample time for photos. The photographer needs time to read the location, lighting, your mood and how comfortable you are with the directions. Once the basics are covered and a first decent shot is arrived at, is when there is room to improvise and add layers of creativity to it. The shot below took many takes and almost an hour of time and lots of patience, but the couple were dedicated to the process and we achieved this. If you can give just 5-10 minutes to your photographer before / after your events, then only expect basic portraits. Remember creative portraits is a process and takes its due time to perfect the shot.

Creative wedding portraits India Bangalore

Tip #4: Clear, airy, well-lit room for getting ready.

If you plan to take photos of yourself getting ready and your wedding details like jewellery, then please make sure your room is uncluttered, and does not have too many people getting ready in it. This will give you photographer ample space to play with, and you can enjoy the tranquility of the morning / evening before you walk the aisle 🙂