Frequently Asked Questions


What is the team size usually that we bring to weddings?

For an average Indian wedding with 250-300 guests we usually are a team of 5-8 photographers and filmers. I’ve shot weddings alone, and once a wedding with a team size of 18 as well. 90% of the times though we find that 5-8 team members (Photographers and Filmers) are adequate to capture it all including events which sometimes happen simultaneously for the bride and the groom.


Do we travel for weddings out of Bangalore?

Yes we love to. We’ve shot weddings all over India and abroad. Its a fantastic opportunity to learn about diversity and new things which different cultures and cities bring and we love it.


Packages with or without Prints?

We do both. Sometimes our clients tell us their photobook requirements and preferences before the wedding, and most other times they are able to decide on the number of books only after they’ve seen the wedding pictures. We then help with the layout and design and coordinating with the best printers in India.


How many photos should you expect?

Usually for a 2 day wedding (with 4 events) we deliver about 1500+ edited photos. For most events we see 300+ photos delivered, and usually double of that for the wedding ceremony.


What all do we need from you on the shoot day?

Very few things. We prefer not to interrupt you or the celebration with our requirements. Usually they are pretty simple. A place / table / room to keep our equipment. A charging station. Perhaps a resting room if we can’t travel between 2 events. And of course a lot of time with you and your family 🙂


What’s our photography style and approach?

Gone are the days of ‘Candid and Traditional’ wedding photography being labels. If one has to assign any label, let them call it contemporary wedding photography. Which is an amalgamation of all that is important to the couple and the family, the rituals, the details, the people and of course lots of creativity in the way its all captured. No two weddings are similar and so we invest a lot of time in learning about the couple and their preferences. Keeping their wedding plans and their personalities in mind we approach each wedding with creative honesty which is a truer reflection of the couple’s personality.


What’s our approach to the Wedding films?

For large parts the answer is same as for photography, and then there is the additional layer about the couple’s taste in music. We keep that in mind and what is important to them before we start editing their wedding film.


What kind of weddings do we not like shooting?

Who says no to business huh? Only the foolish would says so during Covid I guess. But Covid or not, sometimes it does not work out and we refuse to take up a few assignments e.g.
1. If we’ve never met the couple or spoken to them. Its extremely odd to shoot weddings as strangers. So not being able to interact with a couple before the wedding is a no-no.
2. If there are Multiple photography teams hired to shoot the same events, we prefer not to be a part of the real-estate war at the weddings.
3. And lastly on a personal note we prefer to opt out of very large weddings between political or bureaucrat families. Again it’s difficult to establish a vibe with the couple and the family and that is something which does not bring out the best in the work.


How many meetings are important to have with us?

At least 3. The first meeting is to break the ice and get to know details. The second meeting could be a bit longer and may reveal more about the personalities behind the details and what’s important to you. The 3rd meeting is usually closer to the wedding day, so we can go over the plan we’ve discussed with you earlier and re-confirm everything before we arrive for the shoot.