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What’s the ideal duration for a wedding film?


Well I hate to tell you that this won’t be a one line answer, if you came looking for one. And that is because the answer is not so straightforward.  It would be unjust to have a rule on the timeline for the wedding films since all weddings are so hugely different from each other. We’ve shot weddings for 6 days, and we’ve shot weddings which lasted just a few hours. AND… we’ve shot one day weddings which were far richer in content than a 3 day rather formal wedding. The answer is not so straightforward.

How long will our films be? Is often the question from couples and we tell them it is based purely on the how much footage we get and how interesting it is. We believe that its important to keep the viewer engaged with rich content and an organic flow in the film. We can add minutes to any film, but not at the cost of yawns 🙂

Usual practice: We usually do 2 edits for our clients. A short edit which is 4-8 mins and is a montage of all events which can be shared on social media. And then we do a longer edit. The duration of which totally depends on the content we manage to acquire at the wedding. We have done ‘long’ edits for 12 mins, and also for 52 mins! Yes quite a few long edits are over 30 min mark. But these are wedding which last full 2 days or 3-4 days at times. Form a single day wedding, its been difficult to do an edit over 12 mins.

Single Edit: Sometimes the couples ask us to do a single edit for the wedding film. Sometimes owing to personal, and sharing preferences and sometimes budgetary measures. Usually our single edits are between 8-16 mins.

Footnote: If you are very clear on how you want your wedding film to be and who you want to share it with and how (which medium) then we can arrive at these decisions very quickly.