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Intimate Weddings : The future of wedding industry

Well a few things are becoming quite clear now that this situation with the Covid virus is here to stay for a long long time. And even after we’ve conquered the Coronavirus, the fear among the population will last a further long period. People are bound to change habits, and question the norm. We as people will question why we must have 1000 people at the wedding when we can do with the 50-100 closest ones. We are very likely to reduce our risks of inviting trouble. Whether its state governed or a new norm that people establish is to be seen. But in the meanwhile we are prepared for intimate weddings.

What does it mean for gatherings and events? 

I foresee gathering size becoming smaller, and the very lavish wedding set-ups will definitely shrink. The other thing I foresee is the duration of events becoming smaller. Implication therefore could be a few team members from our team at the shoot. If we were 6-7 of us at a shoot of 250-300 people, perhaps now it will be a team of 3-4.

Am I excited or nervous?

I am very excited and am really looking forward to weddings becoming compact. I sense they will then also be more meaningful with richer interactions as there will only be a handful of the closest people around you. This means more emotion at display. Which means more candid pictures. I am excited about this new world requiring us (photographers) to be on our toes even more now, and practice more of photojournalism than portraiture and wedding details.

Would intimate weddings cost less?

For most parts, yes. You will save costs on food, decor, transportation. Even in photography and filming there would be a little adjustments to quotes coming to you since fewer people would come and shoot the wedding and number of events may be cut down. From a 4 day wedding it may now be a 2 day or a single day wedding. If you are in the process of planning your intimate wedding, do share your schedule for a intimate-wedding quote for it.

Any effect on deliverables?

Yes its bound to have a little impact. The overall number of photos submitted might reduce a little, and we won’t have the option of a spare set of hands if there is a surprise event, or for things happening simultaneously. One area where it may affect the situation the most is the creative portraits that we do before or between the events. Many of these photos require a physical set-up and creative light set-ups, which requires more than 2 people at times. So any complicated light set-up will have to be ruled out, or any other arrangement which requires many people.