Candid wedding photographer

The role of editing in wedding photographs.

Basic editing in most cases. Advanced editing in a few.

We shoot photos in raw format which has lots of information. Once we select the photos to be edited, we check for colours, contrast, errors and frame correction. What you see below are 3 editing examples. On the left are the raw photos (Or as shot in camera) , and on the right is an edited version in Adobe Lightroom. We also use Adobe Photoshop sometimes to enhance a few photos or clear any blemishes or spots if needed on critical shots which have been shot up close.

Perhaps 90% of photographs require very very little editing. I would call it minor enhancements of colour, contrast, and temperature. But yes a few photos like bridal portraits, couple portraits or close-ups is what we pay extra attention to. All the photos which are chosen for photobooks also require close examination.

Couples usually do not have a special edit request from us. But in case you already have something in mind, do tell us beforehand 🙂

Wedding Photography Editing

Example of a slight frame correction and black & white treatment.

wedding photos edited

Example of minor frame enlargement and colour enhancement for a more magical, delicate mood.

Wedding editing example

Colour Enhancements to lend a little more charm to the mood in the photo.