Wedding Photo selection

Getting raw photos and footage from your wedding photographer. Is it worth it?

Before we answer that, let’s look at some numbers. A photography team usually has 3 photographers and therefore 3 to 4 cameras on the field during weddings. On an average a camera records 1200 to 2000 photos in a day per camera. If you do this maths, you are looking at photos in excess of 25 – 30,000 photos from a 3-4 day wedding. Even an intimate 2 day wedding can produce photos in excess of 15,000. This will take you weeks if not months to go through.

Besides lot of time on your hands, you’ll need professional software to view raw files on your computer. You may be able to see the footage as fragmented clips. But its difficult to imagine the film with fragments. It would be like someone handed you a godown full of ikea parts without a manual 🙂

Why do we shoot so much? Sometimes just to be error free, we take plenty of options. And sometimes we just want to decide later on the edit table which slight deviation of the smile and eyebrow may be more fitting with the storyline. Till date 4 clients (out of 300) have paid and sent over their hard disk and copied data from us to go through. I am yet to hear of a single person who shortlisted aside from what we shortlisted and edited, and used those pictures for anything.

For Wedding photos we shortlist and deliver a very large number of photos, usually upwards of 500 per major event. And in this selection we also throw in some options/ variations of portraits that you may like. So rest assured that once you have the edited pictures from us, and you still buy raw photos / footage from us, it will be trying to look for needles in a haystack.

Then there are some errors while photographing which I might still be ok sharing, but some photographers in my team may not like their errors to be made public. Add to that the raw files from various cameras look quite different in colours, exposures and treatment. They are made to look similar, like a homogenous set on the editing table.

But if you must absolutely have them, then there is a small transfer fee like Rs. 5,000-7,000 attached to it (for the machine+man hours involved for transfer), depending on your data size. Please write to us for more details. However I’d still strongly advocate against it 🙂 we should in great detail and you will be able to see that in any long film edit and full wedding photo collection.